Biohacker's Handbook - Sleep (e-book)

  • Biohacker's Handbook - Sleep (e-book)
  • Biohacker's Handbook - Sleep (e-book)

Biohacker's Handbook - Sleep (e-book)


Free sample chapter of the Biohacker's Handbook:

“Sleep is half of my training.” – Jarrod Shoemaker

63 % of Americans say they do not sleep enough during the week.

There is plenty of evidence that sleep is important. We can all recognize its value in our personal lives. Sleep is an anabolic state during which the body replenishes its energy storages, regenerates tissues and produces proteins. Without enough sleep, the human body cannot function properly.

This book dives deep into how to optimize sleep. If you can't get a full night, at least get the most out of it. If you can, figure out the best ways to make sure it delivers the best results for your recovery. Covered in this book:

  • Sleep & health
  • Stages of sleep
  • Physiology of sleep
  • Circadian rhythm and effects
  • Upgrading your bedroom
  • Biological and technological tools for optimal sleep
  • Supplements and foods that support optimal sleep
  • Measuring optimal sleep

Instead of cookie-cutter advice, Biohacker's Handbook delivers well-researched information in a well-designed format. Find out what is the 20 % to reach 80 % of results when it comes to better sleep. Save time in getting to the recovery you need.

Authors: Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi, Technology Specialist Teemu Arina and Nutrition Specialist Jaakko Halmetoja

Design: Lotta Viitaniemi

Pages: 49

References: 57

Availability: PDF (compatible with most electronic readers including but not limited to Mac, PC, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone etc.)

This sample book is also part of the full Biohacker's Handbook.